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attachingmachineDCE offers Models 5A and 6A Suture Attaching Machines, our models are fully compatible with models formerly supplied by B.G. Sulzle. We also offer Model 2A machines and Export Models, which are capable of crimping all sizes but has a 1:1 crimping ratio. Our machines are available stand-alone (individual machines) or a complete set-up with work table. Our full set-up includes a work table, as mentioned, the machine model requested, appropriate pull tester, and needle trays specific to the requested model.

Basic operation of a suture attaching machine is done by placing the needle between the attaching dies within the machine. The suture is then inserted into the drilled end of the needle. The operator then presses on the foot pedal which results in the needle being crimped to the suture. There are many factors that affect the yield, but the typical operator can average 200-400 attachments per hour.


Model 2A

(.009” - .017”) =
(0.022cm - 0.043cm)
wire diameter needles

Model 6A

(.020” - .034”) =
(0.050cm - 0.086cm)
wire diameter needles

Model 5A

(.039” - .062”) =
(0.099cm - 0.150cm)
wire diameter needles

Export Model

Capable of all sizes but has a 1:1 crimping ratio





Suture Attaching Machine Accessories:

tableDCE offers a variety of accessories to accompany our Suture Attaching Machines.

For our full product line, please see our PDF catalog.

We are pleased to offer:

Needle Trays, Suture Trays, Chatillon Pull Testers, Dead Weight Pull Testers, Digital Force Gauges,
Suture Gauzes, Machine Counters, 10X Eye Loupes, Tipping Loctite 4014, Flex Arm 20x40 Scopes,
Dazor Halogen Lamps, and Go/No-Go Gauges.