Replacement Parts

DCE has the capability to offer replacement parts for all manufacturers’ suture attaching machines. For additional information, please contact our Customer Service Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by providing the model number of your machine we will be able to help you find the right part for the right machine, or upon request, we can send you a complete parts list.


enginDCE uses CAD Systems to create 3D solid models of parts and assemblies to aid in the design of new products. When designs are finalized, technical drawings are created to be used in production & manufacturing. CAD Systems also allows the use of automation simulation & stress analysis.

We also use CAD compatable systems for programming our Mitsubishi Wire EDM. This allows us to simulate manufacturing before actually manufacturing the part. This results in us being able to cut difficult shapes, tapers, and pockets while optimizing manufacturing time & material usage.


Machine Shop

With a full service machine shop our team has various capabilities to manufacture virtually any process from micro parts on the Wire EDM, precision grinding and any milling application. Our machine shop has the ability to hold extremely tight tolerances, thus, no job is too big or too small for our employees.  Click here to see more


ISO Class 7 Clean Room

Design Concepts and Enterprises, LLC has a brand new ISO Class 7 Clean Room that is available for 3 working shifts. Currently, we are working on bulk non-sterile/finished sterile products. DCE performs the following operations for our contract manufacturing customers:

  • Cut and tip suture to specified customer lengths.
  • Attach needle and suture, as well as in-process test attachments per Customer requirements.
  • Wrap attached sutures in carrier cards and package in pouches if applicable.
  • Provide traceability documents or use customer provided documentation.
  • Our onsite Tool Room has the ability to manufacture specialty tooling and winding fixtures to meet the Customer's wrapping needs.
  • Load cell peel test machine capable of testing seal barriers per ASTM F88-07a.
  • Accu-Seal Band Sealer for foil/Tyvek pouches.
  • Although we do not sterilize product in house, we have the capabilities of scheduling and shipping product to the Customer's preferred sterilizer and then final packaging the product when it returns to DCE.

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